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Gas and Go Using Your Tech

From finding the closest or least expensive gas in your area to paying for it, you can use your smartphone for it all

Gas prices are hard to manage these days so when you can find the cheapest gas in the area that is a huge help.

There are many apps available that will alert you to the best prices closest to your location so you can decide the best station to fill up at.

Some of the apps will also allow you to sign up for their rewards programs that will save you money on future gas purchases as well as things you need in-store and cash back bonuses!

Another great feature in a few of the apps is the ability to pay just by tapping or scanning your phone. And some of the apps will give you additional cash back when you pay with your app!   

If you have a favorite gas station that you like to fill up at, be sure to download their mobile app to take advantage of their rewards program and save with your tech as well!                                                 

Safe travels and please stop by to download our FREE Into Tomorrow App to see what’s driving new technology!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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