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High Tech Clean Out

Spring is almost here and with all that spring cleaning it’s a great time to get rid of items you may no longer use.

Your tech can help you easily get rid of such items even while you’re sitting on the couch!

These days not only can you purchase just about anything you want online, you can also sell just about anything and there are plenty of options to do so. 

The easiest options you can take advantage of are one of the many online sales sites. Some including the Facebook marketplace are free and allow you to list your item with the price and location then choose to meet up with the buyer. There are lots of local community yard sale pages you can join to buy and sell in your neighborhood as well as pages with specific items like for just kids stuff or automotive. 

You can also list your item on other popular sites that allow you to list your item for sale and promote it in their web searches, you can then use their  online services to charge the recipient and then transfer to your bank account or money app while you ship them their item. These sites usually charge a small fee to the seller though so make sure you’ve read the terms.

All of these sites also offer free apps so you can do your selling on the go.

Be sure to download our free Into Tomorrow App so you’ll also see what’s selling in the world of tech!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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