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How machine learning can help credit card fraud detection

Financial frauds are an ever-growing threat in this modern business landscape, and an upsurge in both online transactions and e-commerce websites is a major reason behind the situation. Credit card frauds usually happen when the card was stolen/lost or even when criminals gain access to and use the credit card information for malicious purposes either to take money from your account away or to make some expensive online purchases. Modern thieves also use a variety of hacking tricks to gain access to customer data and information on eCommerce websites and online stores that later can be used for malicious purposes. However, the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have played a significant role in credit card fraud detection in online shopping and other payment transactions.

Machine learning for credit card fraud detection

Fraud detection is a process that includes a set of different activities to prevent money or property from being obtained or used through wrong tricks. Similarly, credit card fraud detection helps financial institutes and organizations prevent unauthorized use of credit cards issued by them. Fortunately, machine learning makes credit card fraud detection easier and effective via the development of a model that provides the best results in revealing and preventing deceitful online transactions made through credit cards. The process is completed by bringing all the meaningful data and other details like date of transaction, location, amount, product category, client behavior patterns and take them through a delicately trained model that finds patterns so that it can determine whether the credit card transaction was legitimate or fake.

Thus, the process of credit card fraud detection can become challenging due to two major reasons, 1) the profiles of ordinary and fraudulent behaviors change always and, 2) credit card fraud data sets are highly twisted to leave no enough data for fraud detection.

Why Financial Markets should be Using Machine Learning-based Fraud Detection:

In this era of online shopping where customers are offered with a variety of online payment methods including credit cards, financial organizations must invest in machine learning-based credit card fraud detection because they detect frauds automatically with no human interaction, able to detect online frauds immediately in real-time, identify hidden links in data and come with quick verification methods. All these awesome features can help banks and credit card providers to detect fraudulent activities quickly to keep their customers protected from the loss of their hard-earned money.

Requirements for Credit Card Fraud Detection with ML-based Methods

For successful implementation of machine learning-based fraud detection methods, financial organizations must meet a number of critical requirements. It ensured that the fraud detection model can detect fraudulent transactions at its best.

Amount of Required Data

Machine learning models that are designed for credit card detection, requires a significant amount of internal historical data to differentiate real transactions from a fraudulent one. It means if a client profile doesn’t have enough data about recent fraudulent and normal transactions, it would be hard for the model to detect unauthorized credit card transactions. So, sufficient data amount must be there that a fraud detection system can use as quality input to provide you with real-time detection results.

Quality of Data

The nature and quality of input data matter a lot when it comes to detecting credit card frauds via machine learning technology. If a financial organization or credit card provider is not collecting and analyzing data properly or mixing the details of normal transactions with fraudulent ones, the machine learning model wouldn’t be able to detect fake transactions. That’s why you must have a strong and efficient data mining system in place to provide your ML-based model with quality input data for quick and authentic fraud detection.

The Integrity of Factors

If your corporate logics are successfully paired with the machine learning fraud detection model and you have an experienced data science team & system for data mining, then machine learning credit card fraud detection methods can work great for both your customers and business.  

Final Word

Payment frauds are a major problem for the finance and credit card industry that is growing bigger day by day with the increasing use of online shopping and money transfers. That’s why credit card providers and other financial organizations must have appropriate credit card fraud detection methods in place to keep customers’ money safe.

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