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Keeping Kids Safe With Tech

Parents are looking more to tech to keep kids safe and with Halloween right around the corner it’s a great time to start using yours.

The most popular tech parents are giving kids is a cellphone so they can check in at any time. Taking advantage of the phones features like video chats, text, calling and even tracking abilities are helping a lot of parents feel safer about where their kids are.

Smartphones can send their location right from the phone and it can be shared for any length of time including indefinitely. Apps like Find My iPhone, Find My Friends and will show the phone location without them even knowing you’re looking. 

Other apps have the ability for you to set up alerts letting you know when your child is leaving a destination as well as alerting you of an SOS or battery low with last location.

If your child doesn’t go anywhere without you, they can still wander off and theirs etch to help with that too. Tech hidden in cute accessories helps with trackers to attach to their clothes, shoes, backpacks and pretty much any other place you’d like.

While you’re tracking don’t forget to track down our FREE Into Tomorrow app to see the latest in safe tech.

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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