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Text Can Wait …

With the end of summer coming up and students heading back to school as well as more people back to normal work schedules, it’s a great time to remind everyone of the dangers of distracted driving.

Many States already have a ban on texting and driving  with others trying to quickly follow. Heading online before heading on the road can help to ensure you and others stay safe.

The FCC  provides information on the dangers of texting and driving as well as tips on what to do so you don’t become a victim of the problem or any other distracted driving.

Stop the Texts Stop the Wrecks and Texting and Driving Safety are great sites to check out with tips, videos and information to help you put down the phone while driving.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association not only has tips on keeping safe but they also list each state and their distracted driving laws.

   Many people, especially teens, are pledging not to text and drive with the It Can Wait campaign which also provides plenty of information, videos, personal stories, apps that will answer your calls and texts and more.   

You can also download Apps to your mobile device that will help like, No Texting While Driving which will read your text messages aloud for you so you’ll know whether you need to pull over to deal with it further and it will also send an auto response so you don’t have to do anything.

For more information on distracted driving, which can occur even without texting, visit End DD for great information on dangers, statistics and tip on how to avoid distracted driving.

We hope you travel safely … “Into Tomorrow”!   


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Written by Beth Gatrell

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