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Keeping Track of Work Time with Tech

Whether you work for a big corporation or for yourself, It’s always good to have a check and balance system so that you have an accurate count of the hours you worked and the pay you receive.

Using your tech can help keep and one of the simplest things you can use is probably right in the palm of your hand. 

Most everyone owns a smartphone these days and each one comes with an internal notes app where you can create a note of your hours and what your pay will be to check that against your wages to make sure nothing was missed. You also should have an option to lock the note from anyone else seeing it.

Additionally, you can use the notepad in your computer if you don’t want to keep the note in your phone.

Your internal calendar is another great tool for keeping track of your hours since you can add the work events each day you work.

There are many Apps available that allow you to keep track of your time and if you work multiple jobs you can add an entry for each one to keep track of that work.

And with those working with larger companies and payroll providers, most have websites and mobile apps available to keep track of your hours and pay and in most cases to set up your direct deposit.

If you have benefits available through your job these apps are good at keeping track of those as well as making any changes and additions you may need especially on the go.

If you need to turn in an actual time card, you can use your tech to search for templates to print out and fill in.

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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