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Listener Gary Needs Help Transferring Albums To A New iPhone

Transferring Photo Albums To A New iPhone

OtterBox cases are available now for iPhone 6s.© by PRNewsFoto/OtterBox

Gary asked: “I’m updating my iPhone 6 to the 6s, I lost two photo albums that were on the 6 and I’d like to get them on the 6s. How do I do that?”

The simplest way to do this would’ve been through iCloud, but assuming you set up both iPhones with the same account that would’ve happened on it’s own, if you had your photos set up to sync to iCloud.

You can using iTunes as an intermediary, sync your old phone including photos and then move them from your computer to the new phone by going to iTunes photo syncing settings.

If you’d rather not deal with juggling two phones though, you could install Dropbox, Flickr, SugarSync,, Google+, or any of the other apps that will allow you to sync your photo library to the cloud (most have a reasonable amount of storage for free, in Flickr’s case 1TB) onto the old iPhone, sync your pictures to one of those services, then install the same app on the new phone and download them to it.

If your iCloud isn’t full, you can share photo libraries between devices

If your iCloud isn’t full, you can share photo libraries between devices, so you could set the old one to still sync to iCloud, upload the picture and set the new one to download them, but that’s assuming you have enough storage available, which we suspect may not be the case if you had this feature disabled to begin with.

This of course assumes you still have possession of the iPhone 6 and haven’t sold or reformatted it yet.

As we recommend using cloud based file services to move your pictures, please keep in mind that these free photo sharing cloud services will often compress or otherwise lower the quality of your photos in order to have them take less space on the company’s servers.

Services that are cloud storage file sharing in nature, not only photos, will not change your image quality, but their free accounts will be limited in storage space. If you use a subscription cloud storage system, you shouldn’t have any issues. But we should also note that most of the photo sharing services will skip the compression part for paid users.

Let’s hope you still have that iPhone 6, and you’re just a few mouse clicks away from sharing these photos albums either through iCloud or the Not-I Cloud. Let us know what you wind up doing.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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