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Memory Issues With A Note 5

We help WTN listener Charles in Morrison, TN figure out why his Note 5's memory is filling up

samsungs note 5 and s6 edge plus

Charles asked: I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and am getting an error message when I try to pull up pictures that there’s not enough storage. It’s a pretty new phone. Not sure where all the storage has been used up.


A lot of phones are just sold without an awful lot of internal memory. Your phone has a 16MP camera, if you’re actually using all 16 million pixels it would take about 1400 pictures to fill up 8GB of storage, that sounds like a lot of pictures but check and see how many are actually on your phone…

Movies can take up gigabytes each, so can some 3D games. Memory can go pretty fast if you store any kind of media on your devices.

If you want to see what exactly is using up the storage on your Note 5, you can go to Settings and then Storage and you should get a clear view of how your memory is being used.

You can go to Settings and then Storage and you should get a clear view of how your memory is being used

You should also be able to drill down and see what specific media or software  is using up your memory.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to expand the memory on your Note 5, your only option is to clear some of your digital clutter to make room for new things.

You could move your files to cloud services, that way you would still be able to access them from your phone without them having to reside there, but you will have to find a way to clear things from your Note 5’s memory.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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