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Password Manager Options For A CKLW Listener

Alex in Dearborn, Michigan listens on AM800 CKLW asked us about password managers

Password© by Christoph Scholz

Alex asked: “I have so many passwords that I need to remember on a daily basis. Are there any devices or apps that I can use to help keep my passwords secure and also remember them so I don’t use the same password over and over again on different sites?”


Alex, there are plenty of password managers out there that can do the job for you, some are free, others are not.

LastPass is probably the most popular one right now, there’s a free version and then plans with more advanced features starting at $2/month. LastPass will let you install a browser extension or app, and store and retrieve your passwords from it.

It doesn’t sound like you’d need the paid subscription, which includes things like sharing options to send your passwords to multiple people and online file storage, so you may be able to get away with the free version.

It doesn’t sound like you’d need the paid subscription

1Password is not free, it costs $3/month, but it’s also very popular. For the price you get automatic syncing across all your devices, web access as well as offline access, and 1GB of storage for your files.

KeePass is free and open source, that means that if you’re technically inclined you can check and see what algorithms they’re using and make sure that your passwords are safe. KeePass does not store your passwords in the cloud, and it does let you use a hardware key to unlock your password database, or a portable USB drive to use on different computers.

Browsers themselves and operating system sometimes also include their own password managers, so you may be able to just sync your passwords across platforms by simply using the same browser on all of them. If that solution fits your needs, it’s a free one.


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Written by Dave Graveline

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