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Product Spotlight: Audio Devices

There's still time to shop for high-tech Christmas gifts! On this week's "Into Tomorrow" Product Spotlight: Chris takes a look at a few audio-related devices including a very "blingy" Bluetooth speaker.


There’s no shortage of Bluetooth speakers on the market. It seems like every time you turn around, another company is coming out with another Bluetooth speaker. That can make it hard when trying to decide which is best for you. One of the coolest we’ve seen lately is the Monster SuperStar BackFloat. This is a rugged, waterproof speaker that actually floats. They have standard speakers, and they recently came out with a gold version, when they added these speakers to their 24k line of products.

The SuperStar BackFloat has an IPX6 rating, which means it’s splash resistant as well as shock resistant. It’s designed to be submerged, though not for long periods of time, so it really is good for just about any situation. The sound quality from this little speaker is better than you’d expect and they say you can expect about 7 hours of battery on a single charge.

You can pick up the Monster SuperStar BackFloat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with either Neon Blue or Neon Green accents for just about $150, or it’s available in gold for about $200.

square_louped_PMX_686G-sq-01-sennheiserNext is a cool set of ear buds meant for those with an active lifestyle. The Sennheiser PMX 686i is a set of ear buds with a lightweight neckband that works with your Apple devices. They do have other products for Android. What makes them device specific is the inline remote control for your music. You can plug these into any device and hear your music, but if you want to have that remote control, you’ll have to be OS specific.

These ear buds fit comfortably in your ear and do a very good job of staying there. They are designed to be water resistant, so sweat shouldn’t be a problem and they are antimicrobial, so bacteria from your sweat won’t survive for long on the surface. Sound quality on these is very good – in line with what you’d expect from a company like Sennheiser. The PMX 686i Sports ear buds can be picked up for under $80.

The last product we’re gonna look at this week is the MEE Audio Connect Universal Audio Transmitter for TV. This can be a life saver. Or at least a marriage saver. If you like to stay up late watching TV and your significant other like to turn in early, this device will allow you to stay up watching your favorite shows without the sound of the TV disturbing your partner. It also works for other audio devices as well. It will stream audio to up to two Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously. Let’s say you want to hear the game outside while firing up the grill. Add this to connectyour TV in the living room, connect it to a Bluetooth speaker that you have outside and crack open a cold one.

The MEE Audio Connect Universal Audio Transmitter for TV sells for about $60.

Written by Chris Graveline

Chris has covered consumer technology for over 20 years. He is the host of This Week in Tech History as well as a regular co-host on "Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline" and our Technical Director.

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