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Replacing The Screen On A MacBook

Gloria in Hamilton, Mississippi listens on SuperTalk 107.9 and asked us about her MacBook


Gloria asked: “I have a late model (2011) Macbook Pro with a screen that is going out, I think. I was wondering if there was any practical way to replace the screen at this point, or is the computer a goner?”


Gloria, if you really want to, you can replace the screen. The part itself will cost you around $200, but the process is pretty involved.

To remove the screen you will have to open up the laptop, disconnect the battery, the WiFi module, and all of the antennas. There are a lot of small connectors that you will have to pry loose very delicately.

Most repair shop can probably do it for you too

The part itself is easy to find online, and you can have a look at some step by step instructions, but be prepared to put in an hour or two worth of work.

Most repair shop can probably do it for you too, if you don’t want to get that involved in the process, but keep in mind that it will take them a while too, so it won’t be inexpensive.

You can also take it to an Apple Store and see what they tell you, once upon a time they were offering to fix some affected MacBook Pros for free after they found problems with the graphics card, it wasn’t the screen and the program expired a long time ago, but it may be worth a shot.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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