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Siemens Shows Off Dishwasher That Can Order Its Own Tabs At IFA 2016

Siemens© by Siemens

Never run out of supplies

Siemens newest dishwasher being shown off at IFA 2016 can keep count of how many tabs it’s used and, if connected to WiFi, can contact Amazon and order more when it thinks it’s running low. It seems like Siemens had to run to find a problem that would fit the solution it had come up with, but it may help some forgetful users.

Solar panelsSolar friendly

A more interesting feature included with this dishwasher and with washing machines may be a solar power systems integration that can save some users money.

Home with solar panels can let their Siemens appliances talk to them and instruct so those appliances know when there’s enough solar power stored to allow them to run a cycle for free.

While it won’t help the majority of home owners, it’s an interesting feature that may help some save money by running some of the most energy demanding appliances in their homes for free.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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