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So Many Streams, How Do You Choose?

Everyone loves music and these days you can access it anywhere, anytime thanks to various streaming services.

There are many streaming services available and with so many choices you need to check the best options for you.

Some services offer a free option which will allow you to hear some of the most popular music as well as searching for and playing some music you’d like however you will be bothered by commercials and will have restrictions on songs you are able to find and play. 

Other limits you may run into include not being able to skip songs you don’t want to hear, not being able to make playlists and save your music and not being able to download playlists which is important when you don’t have an internet connection.

Make sure you can also do things like share with your family or other devices if it’s not just you using the service.

Many services are about the same price per month and most will give you a free trial period. Some people like to download and try each service during their trial periods and then make a decision on paying for one. If you have the time that may be the best way for you as well.

And be sure while you’re downloading, you grab our FREE Into Tomorrow App to keep up to date on the latest tech to play those streaming services on!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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