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Spring Clean and Clean Out Your Tech

Spring is here and while doing your annual spring cleaning, don’t forget your tech. 

Clean your remotes controls, video games consoles and devices including controllers, headsets and any other accessories. You can use numerous electronics cleaners that you can find in stores or online or you can use a simple paper towel or cloth with a minimal amount of alcohol or disinfecting wipe.

When cleaning your televisions, include the back which can collect lots of dust and pet hair that when built up can cause you damage.

Clean computers and laptops by using air cans to get crumbs and dust out of the keyboard and other crevices not able to be reached by cloths. There are also various cleaners available including cleaning slime. 

And once you are ready to clean out and get rid of that tech, there are a few ways to do so including making money from that old tech. 

You can trade-in or sell most any electronic item including digital cameras, camcorders, cellphones, tablets, video games and pretty much any other electronic device. 

You can list your item for sale online in various marketplaces and community groups. 

There are also numerous sites to log on to and find out what your electronics are worth as well as getting a quote and then a postage paid envelope/package for you to send your device and then receive your money.

Be sure you wipe any information, apps, pictures and any other personal information from your electronics before letting them go.

If you want to just get rid of your old electronics, check with your local recycling center or an online eRecycling company you can send or drop off to.

And once have your new mobile device, be sure to download our FREE Into Tomorrow App to keep up to date on the newest tech so you’ll know when to sell and trade again!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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