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Storing Your Passwords Securely

Donald in Brunswick, Georgia asked about storing his passwords safely

Encrypted data

Donald asked: “I’m curious how we can secure our passwords on any device if the cloud has already been hacked. How do we secure those things, because I have like 20 of them right now, maybe more and have them scribbled on a piece of paper. I’d like to do something different.”


Donald, the cloud isn’t really a thing, when people talk about the cloud these days they’re talking about services that are hosted on the internet.

That means that there really is no such thing as “the cloud already having been hacked.” Some services like Yahoo! Mail have been hacked, some like the IRS e-filing system, or SeatGuru, or a million others haven’t reported any issues.

There are better ways to store your passwords than a scribbled on piece of paper

Still, there are better ways to store your passwords than a scribbled on piece of paper, look into passport wallets. There are many of them in different forms from desktop applications to smartphone applications. They’ll typically encrypt your passwords and require you to just remember the one you use to open the wallet, so even if someone got a hold of it, the information would be encrypted and inaccessible to anyone without the master password.

LastPass and TrueKey offer popular desktop options, and you can look into 1Password, and Keeper for popular options on mobile, but there are hundreds of both paid and free options that you can check out.

Any of them offering encryption will be a step up over your piece of paper, if for no other reason that your passwords won’t fly away if you leave a window open.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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