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Tablet Options For A Samsung Fan

Rachel in South Carolina asked us about her new phone and tablet options

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Rachel asked: “I upgraded my Samsung who I’ve been with for 14-15 years, to an 8. T-Mobile told me that anything less than a 7 would not work on their towers anymore. However, not totally impressed that this works any better on their tower. Was wondering if you had any advice on a new tablet or a tablet/laptop because I kinda need to get upgraded there as well.”


Rachel, Samsung’s older than the S7 may not work with the 1900 MHz band that T-Mobile has been expanding into, having said that, they’d still probably work with their other bands if they are available in your area, 1900 is the newest one, but they haven’t dropped the rest of them.

That may be the reason you don’t think your current phone works better with their towers, the towers in your area may be using just the bands your old phone could already see.

The towers in your area may be using just the bands your old phone could already see.

As for tablet, if you’re looking to go high end you can look into an Google Pixel C, or since you already know and love Samsung their Galaxy Tab 3 may be a good choice for you. Either of those tablets will cost you around $600, but there are less expensive tablets by Samsung that may also appeal to you.

As for tablet/laptop combos, Microsoft’s own Surface has many fans and you’ll pay around $700 for it, which is not that much more than what you’d pay for any of those tablets.

You can also consider Chromebooks, they are essentially just a Chrome browser, but they do fit the needs of some users, and you can find some for as little as $150 or $200, though they do go up in price quickly.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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