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Tech for Vets …

Technology is the way of life these days and some companies and organizations are making sure our nation’s veterans have all the tech and training they need.

There are many retailers who offer veterans discounts on tech items like computers and laptops. 

And there are organizations available to veterans that will help them receive a device at little or no charge.

Other Technology tools helping veterans include career portals created to connect Veterans, including transitioning military personnel and their spouses, with jobs in America’s technology industry are available 

Some companies will even offer free training for Veterans that want to continue work in the technology field.

Sometimes it can be hard for veterans to open up and comfortably share their experiences with others and tech is helping with that too! 

There are a few organizations and groups using video games to connect veterans and help them with their mental and social health.

One great organization that assists Veterans and their families is The Gary Sinise Foundation. The  providing smarthomes for our nations wounded!

They offer specially adapted smart homes to provide a safe haven for heroes to reclaim their independence. Built from the ground up with their individual needs in mind, these homes alleviate stress on the entire family

To hear more about tech that’s changing not only our nation’s military but everyone’s lives, download our FREE Into Tomorrow App where you can listen and submit your tech questions 24/7 from anywhere in the world! Including from most military bases as we continue to support our US Troops!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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