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USB Drives For An Xbox One

Jim in Washtucna, Washington listens on 1470 KBSN asked us about drivers for his Xbox


Jim asked: “I just received an Xbox One for Christmas and I need some information on external drives. It’s got to be USB 3.0. What would you recommend for an external hard drive? I’m looking at 2TB at the moment. I know I can get bigger, but I’m not sure that I need bigger.”


Jim, you’re right about looking for USB 3, the Xbox One will not accept anything slower.

As for the drive itself, we have some G-Technology drives that have been working well for us, you can look into a USB 3.0, 2TB G-Technology G-Drive Mobile for around $90. Normally we’d tell you that these drives are designed for Macs and you will have to reformat them to use them with anything else, but your Xbox will want to format the drive no matter what, so it shouldn’t be an issue in this case.

For around the same price, you can actually buy an Xbox branded hard drive, it’s hard to imagine that it wouldn’t work well if Microsoft is letting them use the Xbox name.

Having said that, USB 3.0 is a standard, so you don’t need to go with a branded drive for it to work, and you can find less expensive drives, for example, you can find a WD MyPassport 2TB drive for around $75.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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