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We Help A Listener Deal With Her Smartphone Restarting Itself

Debbie in San Jose, California asked us about dealing with smartphone restarts

Note 7

Debbie asked: “I currently have 37 Windows open on my Samsung Note 4. I do notice that it seems to go crazy when the battery has about 20 percent left. Sometimes it turns itself on and off repeatedly and just goes crazy until it runs out of battery. Is that because I have so many windows open? I thought that since they are not actively being used that it would be okay. Am I destroying my phone by having these windows open? Part of my problem is I’m so indecisive. “


Debbie, modern smartphones largely know to let your inactive apps be inactive. They’re most likely just hanging out in the background doing nothing 99% of the time and causing no issues to your phone.

The Note 4, however is getting old, it came out in 2014.

That by no means makes it a paperweight yet, however enough time has passed for the battery to start getting old.

Batteries are chemical devices, not electronic devices, and they just wear out after a while.

We’re a little concerned about the phone turning itself on and off until it dies.

Your phone may think that the battery is fully charged but when it gets to 20% the battery may just run out of steam.

We’re a little concerned about the phone turning itself on and off until it dies. It could just be the battery needing to be replaced, but it’s not normal behavior and it could be due to a software or hardware issue.

As a first step, we’d say look at replacing the battery, maybe even borrow one if you can. That will probably make the problem go away, but until you’re sure it’s not restarting itself endlessly, keep an eye on it.

Samsung’s surprise-Zippo-lighter “feature” was exclusive to the Note 7, but lithium batteries are still temperamental devices and it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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