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Who Needs A TV Antenna?

Gerri in Baton Rouge, Louisiana asked us about TV antennas

Digital TV Antenna

Well, Gerri. Do you pick up those stations? Cause if you do, then you probably don’t need the antenna…

Having said that, 30-35 miles is actually fairly far away in the TV signal world, so you would probably want at least an indoor antenna.

It may be far enough that an outside antenna may work better, but you can at least try to use an indoor one and see if it’s enough, since that will save you from having to run wires and mount a big bulk device to your home.

TV signals usually don’t get farther than 60 or 70 miles

TV signals usually don’t get farther than 60 or 70 miles, so 30-35 is nothing to scoff at. An antenna will almost certainly help you pick up a couple more, or help you avoid problems with channels suddenly disappearing when you want to watch them.

In the digital transmission world, you either get a channel or you don’t, and being in the middle of a show to just have the picture disappear is not fun for anyone.

We’d suggest you buy an indoor antenna with a good return policy and give that a shot first. If that doesn’t work well enough, get ready to do some work mounting an outdoors type.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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