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Weekend of June 26, 2020 – Hour 1

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Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss , Apple’s WWDC announcements including new chipsets and updates to the iPhone with iOS 14, and more.

Ari in Atlanta, Georgia listens Online and is calling via the App and asked: “I had a question about the recent console reveals – specifically the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Wanted to know if you think it’s worth purchasing one of them or if I should spend a little more money on a premium gaming PC. It seems like people are predicting the consoles will be somewhere between $500 and $600, but I know that high-end PCs can run games with performance better than any console, even if they tend to cost a couple thousand dollars. So, do you think it is worth it to buy one of these consoles when they release, or should I just spend the money on a PC that will probably last me a bit longer than any console?”

Well Ari it depends on what games you like and anticipate buying and playing in the future. If you intend on buying Xbox, Playstation, or PC exclusive games like Halo Infinite, the new Spider-Man game, or Valorant, then its best to buy the respective console for the game you’d like and not miss out on your favorites.

But if your taste in games varies and is available for all consoles, then your best bet is to get a high end PC. For someone who loves gaming, wants to have an edge in the game then PC is a good choice.

They are worth a pretty penny like you said, but they have a few key benefits: Longevity, customizability, accuracy, and power. Gamers can order a computer with specs that work specifically for them, meaning the possibility of even faster processors than the new Xbox and Playstation. Once you buy one of these high end PCs they can last you at least a few years. Another thing to consider is if you play games that require precision like shooting games such as Overwatch, then mouse control is more accurate over joystick control. That’s our take on it.

David in Madison, Mississippi listens on SuperTalk Mississippi and asked: “Because I work in multiple locations across Mississippi, I want to be able to access all of my documents, pictures and other information instead of keeping it all on my hard drive at home. What would be the best website or cloud service to transfer all of my data and files so that I can access them regularly from wherever I am and from whatever tools or computer I am using?”

David, that will depend on what the documents you want to access are.

For example, if you live in Google’s ecosystem, then it’s hard to beat Google Drive, since their documents don’t count against your storage allowance. Google Drive also works across many kinds of devices, though it’s fairly clunky on mobile devices.

If you want to keep your own files, for example, some PDF manuals Dropbox or Box are pretty effortless. They’ll sync with a folder so you don’t have to bother with uploads but you know your documents are automatically synced (Google Drive does this too, but it leans heavily on Google’s office suite).

Apple devices all read and sync to iCloud automatically as if it was just another folder on your mobile or home devices, so that would be a good option if you stick with Apple’s ecosystem.

The real answer is that you probably want a mix. For example, something like Dropbox for your files, but the mobile version of QuickBooks for invoicing. Since you normally always do the same things in the same apps a mix like that usually feels pretty natural.

In the real world you’d open a photo gallery and your pictures would be there and you’d open, for example, Microsoft Office and your files would be there, they just happen to live in different clouds but all of your devices access them.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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