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Weekend of May 21, 2021 – Hour 2

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Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss Pipeline hack news, Disney+ subscribers falling short of expectations, Google I/O announcements, space news, Amazon hiring news, and more.

Doug in Stevensville, Michigan listens to the podcast and is calling via the “AskDave” button on our site and asked: “I tried sending a message today with a photo involved and it would not send. This is through Hotmail and and when I looked into it, I found my storage is almost full on my account. Is there a way I can download the messages to my hard drive so I can have them forever and then delete them from the system to clean out my mailbox?”

Doug, you can connect to your account using an POP3 email client using these settings:

POP3 server name:

POP3 port: 995

POP3 encryption method: TLS – And dont worry Well have all this listed on our site. Stop by and look for the show of May 21st, Hour 2.

Those settings will allow the email client to download all of your messages and keep a local copy.

Once you have that you can delete the messages on the server and your local copies will be unaffected.

Keep in mind that if youre out of storage on your Outlook account youre going to be pulling down at least 15GB of data. Potentially more if you dont have a free account, paid accounts can use up as much as 100GB of data.

Its a good chunk of your hard drive to be taken up by stale data, so you may be better off doing some pruning before you download your emails so you dont pull down a lot of spam, old newsletters, offers from stores from years ago, etc.

Stanley in Oakland, Mississippi listens on SuperTalk Mississippi and asked: “My data on my cell phone is just disgusting. It’s so slow I can’t even update my computer. I have a few other options in this area but I’m not crazy about them. Is there any way to boost the data coming into my phone? It just comes straight to my phone, I don’t have any other equipment hooked up to it.”

Stanley, in terms of speed there can be two culprits: the signal strength and your service provider.

Do you have full bars when you attempt this download? If you dont, a booster like the ones provided by companies like WeBoost and SureCall can improve your signal by giving a much larger antenna to pick up the signal that you can mount outside or inside your home wherever you get the best coverage.

The rest of the system is made up of a repeater that looks kind of like a WiFi router that will put out the boosted cell signal.

If your bars are already full, then you may be getting throttled by your phone company.

There are usually two cases for throttling: if youre a heavy user (which you may be if youre downloading operating system updates through your phone, OS updates are not small), and if youre using a cheaper plan through companies that specialize in leasing bandwidth from bigger more expensive service providers with lower network priority than what those big companies offer their direct clients.

In either case the solution is the same: youll need to switch plans to something that offers more full speed tethered data, or just better speeds in general.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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