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Xbox One And External Hard Drives

Brandon asked us for help with his Xbox One and external HDD


Brandon asked: “I recently bought I seagate 2TB hard drive for my xBox One. When I download games to the external hard drive, the games do not work. They load, and then freeze. Happens on both digital games and hard copy games. Any advice?”


Brandon, unfortunately a lot of people have been having trouble with the Xbox One and external drives.

The answer seems to be to reformat and try again. No one likes to do it, but you may be out of options.

Those who have reported success have used their computer to format the drive which may just show up as “unallocated space” under Windows, rather than a usable volume.

From what we can see, that’s the most likely way to fix the issue

From what we can see, that’s the most likely way to fix the issue, but if you want to try something less extreme first, you can always try plugging in your drive, if it will take A/C power.

The Xbox is probably going to try to transfer a lot of data and USB power may not be enough to cut it. That’s a common problem with many hard drives when they’re trying to move large files or a lot of data, sometimes they just don’t have enough power to do it and shut down for a second, but that second is all it takes to stop the transfer, or in your case, crash the game.

Having said that, unfortunately most people do report that what has fixed their issue was a full drive reformat.

You probably did nothing wrong, no one seems to have found an action that leads the drive to stop working as it should, it may be a glitch on Microsoft’s end, but it seems that when it’s there people can’t seem to fix it without formatting. Sorry, Brandon!

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Written by Dave Graveline

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