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Kid Tracking with Tech

With all the kids out and about for summer, parents are turning to tech more and more to help keep track of them.

The most popular way, especially for older kids, is to give them a cellphone and have them check in. They can text you selfies of where they are or use tools like Facetime to have a face to face conversation. You can also share your location with them so you can be updated of their GPS location to check in.

   Some cell phones are able to be tracked online using features like Find My iPhone which will track the location of the phone without them even knowing. And many other tools are available that allow you to check the current location as well as checking locations of places you’ve been.   

Helpful services from your provider allow you to track  your child’s cellphone and activities as well as many Apps available to assist.

A cool one you may want to check out is MamaBear which features the ability for parents to customize the alerts for themselves and their child like sending an alert to parents of when their child arrives and departs a destination, quick check in with emoticon, emergency alerts and even alerting parents of speeding.

Other devices like the Trax Family are great for keeping informed of your child’s whereabouts as well.

There are many Apps out there like Amber Alert GPS which not only offers a great App for your child’s phone but also offers devices for a child that may not have a cellphone. The devices’ features include the ability to track your child’s location as well as two-way calling with the touch of a button.

Even if your child doesn’t go anywhere without you, they can wander and there’s tech to help with that too! Mommy I’m Here and My Kid Pod are just two of many adorable products available to help you.

Family Tracker and Family Locator  may be worth a look in your App store as well.

And for those of you with furry kids, they can get lost too. Check out products like The Whistle  and Pocket Finder for devices made especially for them.


However you choose to keep track of your loved ones, we wish all of our friends safe and fun summer days …“Into Tomorrow”

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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