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Cellphones And RF Safety

Marcel from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada asked us about RF and cell phones

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Marcel asked: “I’ve been hearing a lot about this RF that’s been coming off these cell phones. I’m a truck driver, so I’ve got my phone on almost 24/7. I’ve been hearing a high incidence of lymphoma cancer, which I’ve got. Is there any way to protect ourselves short of turning off the phone. Maybe putting it in a Faraday cage? I’ve got mine in an RFID-blocking passport sleeve. Not sure how effective that it. Just wondering your thoughts.”


Marcel, we should start out by saying that so far studies have not found any strong link between cellphone use and lymphoma. There have been long-term studies with thousands of participants and so far there hasn’t been a clear link found.

You’ll know if that changes when people start filing class action lawsuits against everyone involved in making or providing service to a cellphone.

As far as blocking RF waves, keep in mind that cellphone service comes in the form of an RF wave

As far as blocking RF waves, keep in mind that cellphone service comes in the form of an RF wave. If you block them, you’ll block your phone ability to connect to the network and give you access to a phone line. If you’re going to do that, you might as well just turn off your phone or put it in airplane mode.

As for RFID blocking sleeves, those block RFID signals (think very close proximity contactless payments) and nothing else, if you want to know how effective it is, just ask yourself if your phone rings when someone calls you, or if you can connect it to other electronics via bluetooth or WiFi. If you can, then it’s not blocking those RF signals.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can keep your phone from transmitting, but if it’s in an area where it would get a signal if you weren’t blocking it, then that means that the radio waves are there. There’s not much you can do to avoid them, short of moving to the middle of nowhere and hoping no one is using shortwave. Even then radio waves are still going to be around you, that’s what the snow on those old TVs was.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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