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Dealing With Having To Reset A Range Extender

Howard in Tyler, Texas listens on KTBB asked about resetting a range extender

WiFi Router

Howard asked: “I have a Netgear range extender and I no longer know the password. I would like to reset the device but I’m afraid if I do, that I will lose all the devices that are connected to it currently.”


Howard, if you do reset the extender all of your other devices that are connected to it will disconnect when it goes to factory settings.

Having said that, is that a problem? After resetting it you will be able to set it back up again to work with those devices again. It shouldn’t be an issue.

You will probably have to set it back up using the same name and password as the original network

In any case, if the extender is extending another network, you will probably have to set it back up using the same name and password as the original network, and when you do those devices will just reconnect on their own, the way your phone does when you leave your home and then come back and it finds your WiFi again.

The biggest annoyance we see in your future is having to set the extender back up again, but the devices should continue to work as long as you use the same credentials from the network it’s extending.

If that’s the password you forgot, the WiFi password you use on both devices, then unfortunately you’re probably in for a reset of both the main access point and the repeater at first, and then after that getting all your WiFi devices connected using the new password.

Written by Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline

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