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Don’t Forget To Use Protection

With so many choices available to us for anti virus protection, it’s hard to choose the right one. 

The many options available include some for free and some you pay for. Depending on your needs a simple free subscription may work for you.

Most free protection sites work great for individuals but won’t provide protection for businesses so you’ll need to weigh the different options for what your business needs.

Free protection is perfect if you just need to keep an eye on potential harmful sites and try to keep out harmful Trojans and other malware. 

For those that do a lot of browsing or make lots of important personal transactions, you may want to consider purchasing a program that provides higher levels of protection like working to ensure you are not even able to get to potential harmful websites or wifi connections before you even try.

Another option to look at when deciding on free versus paid subscription is if you will need technical assistance since most sites will only offer it to paying customers or charge you for a tech call if you need help without a paid subscription.

Since most programs will offer you a free version or at least a free trial period, you can download and try out a few to see which will work best for you and if you need to purchase additional protection.

Safe surfing and be sure to keep up with the latest in tech safety with us using our FREE Into Tomorrow App!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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