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We Help A Listener Keep His Computer Safe

Tom in Nashville, Tennessee listens on 99.7 WTN and asked us about keeping his computer safe

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Tom asked: “I was concerned about security. I have Malwarebytes Premium and Norton Internet Security. Is there anything else that I need to do, to be as secure as I think I need to be?”


Tom, take updates seriously.

You’re already scanning your computer against known threats, updates will often include security patches to eliminate newly discovered flaws that could let a malicious actor try to exploit your computer in some way.

A lot of the ransomware and general malware attacks for the last few years were patched by Windows updates, and tighter security in computers is one of the reasons why some distributed denial of service attacks have targeted less secure IoT devices.

Take updates seriously

Some software, Java and Flash for example, have also been exploited for vulnerabilities in the past, so remember to update those components as well, not just the operating system.

All that said, Tom, if you’re keeping your computer and antivirus updated, we assume you’re putting that antivirus to use too, overall you’re being reasonably safe. There’s always something else, for example, you could look into a VPN for when you’re using public WiFi, but as it is, you’re doing things better than most.


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Written by Dave Graveline

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