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Easy Holiday Travel with Tech

The holidays are upon us and many people Are traveling to see loved ones. Whether traveling by plane, car or both, your tech can be your best assistant in getting you there safe and stress free!

First thing you need to know is where you are going and if you don’t have a particular destination in mind, get that tech working and hit the web.

You can find any destination right from your living room by looking it up online and using tools like google earth and web searches to produce pictures and reviews.

Technology is a great tool for researching honest information on destinations since you can do a hashtag or location search to see pictures and posts from people who have visited the locations rather than just the good information that is provided by the establishment.

You can do the same research when wanting to book rental cars and attractions in the area as there is nothing more honest than a consumer review.

If it’s a flight you’re needing, check all of your online options as a lot of times there are special prices if you use your tech and book tour travel yourself. You can also choose things like your seats and upgrades as well as checking in right from your smartphone! 

Many travel apps have special discounts for booking using their app and you can search for and book the perfect trip. Some even offer features for you to keep everything for your entire trip conveniently stored within the app.

If you are hitting the road for your travels, be sure to use your smartphone map for step by step directions on where you want to travel including with stops along the way. The maps will also alert you to traffic conditions like detours and road closures or even accidents that are congesting the roadways. They also will feature listings for gas stations, retailers and restaurants that you may need.

You’ll definitely want to use that tech and keep an eye on the weather for your destinations. Your smartphone should have a weather app already built in but if you need  something more detailed you can download many other apps including ones that are updated in real time by users in the area.

While you’re downloading don’t forget to grab our free Into Tomorrow App and earn some tech prizes for your travels by participating!       

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Written by Beth Gatrell

Beth has been a multiple hat wearer at "Into Tomorrow" since the very beginning .... Currently specializing in guest relations and promotions. And wears an additional hat as a Mom of 2 beautiful girls.

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