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Getting WiFi To Another Building

Pat in Harrington, Delaware listens on 105.9 WXDE asked us about WiFi

WiFi Router
​*Audio archived for 6 months

Pat asked: “We are moving part of our business into another building that is about 200 feet away. Wondering if there are any good wi-fi repeaters that will go about 200 feet. Been looking on the Internet and can’t find any help.”


Pat, there are some repeaters that can travel that far if there’s clear line of sight, but as the distance grows things get less and less reliable. Anything in the way, even a small tree, may kill the signal at the other end when long distances are involved.

A better solution for you may be an end to end network with a directional antenna on each building, each pointed straight at the other, with an access point attached to each antenna to put out its own network at that end.

The setup is not as simple, and it will be more expensive, but it also has a much better chance of working.

WiFi is probably not going to be realistic if there are obstructions in the way, and even without them, the signal may pretty difficult to use.

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Written by Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

Dave is also a trusted and familiar voice on many national commercials & narrations in addition to being an authority in consumer tech since 1994. He is also a former Police Officer and an FBI Certified Instructor.

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