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Microsoft’s Windows Event Of June 2021

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This past Thursday, Microsoft held their highly anticipated Windows event. They were expected to unveil a new version of Windows and, in my opinion, they did not disappoint. The product they announced is an entirely new version of Windows that they say will be available “later this year.”

You can Use the MS PC Health Check App to see if your current PC meets the requirements to run Windows 11. If so, you can get a free upgrade when it rolls out.
  • Windows has been around for 35 years
  • Microsoft called it “The Windows that bring you closer to the things you love.”
  • All New themes
  • Start menu is now in the center of taskbar, instead of to the left
  • This new version is “cloud powered” so you can pick up where you left off on other devices
  • Windows updates are 40% smaller and happen in the background
  • “Most secure Windows yet”
  • Snap layouts – pick window layouts tailored to the size of your screen
  • You can now have multiple desktops – each with a different wallpaper and set of apps
  • Teams now integrates directly into Windows
    • Connect with people – text, voice, or video call – with just a couple clicks
    • Probably means the end for Skype
  • Windows Widgets
    • New personalized feed, powered by Ai
    • Curated content – news, photos, weather, calendar
    • Can rearrange and resize widgets
  • Redesigned Windows to work with our without a keyboard
    • Added gestures for touchscreen devices – the same as you use on the trackpad
    • Enabled haptic feedback
    • On screen touch keyboard similar to those on mobile devices, with ability to swipe to type, emoji and Voice typing that can automatically punctuate for you.
  • Big changes with Microsoft Store
    • “We’ve rebuilt the Microsoft Store from the ground up.”
    • Android Apps will work in Windows 11
    • Developers can use their own payment systems if they want. (big swipe at Apple)
    • Developers can be in the store with their own “commerce engine” and Microsoft gets ZERO CUT.
  • Improvements in gaming
    • 100+ games in Game Pass.
    • Auto HDR
      • Graphics in games look dramatically better
    • Direct storage API
      • It means that games can load directly to the graphics card, speeds stuff up a ton.

We’re gonna have a lot more info on next week’s show and will go more in depth on some of these announcements. So be sure to stay tuned!!

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Written by Dave Graveline

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