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New Year New Organized Schedule … 

There’s no better time to start organizing your schedule than with the New Year! There are many tools available to help you keep track of your daily schedule and with your tech you can find the one that best fits you.

 Many smartphones have their own internal calendars that also include alerts and reminders and many of them will sink with your email and computer calendars.  

cozi mobileIn addition Google has a great online calendar that you can use which allows you many features including the ability to share calendars and certain entries along with syncing to your mobile devices and more.

You can also try favorite tools like Cozi used by many families to share calendar events, shopping lists and more.

Visit LoCalendar  to create a free online calendar that you can use for your personal needs or as a group calendar for your church, school, sport team or other group that needs to be organized on the same schedule.

Some of these calendars also have mobile Apps available and you can check out other calendar Apps like Tiny Calendar,  Sunrise  or aCalendar  for more on the go options with awesome features.

If you prefer a printed calendar you can visit Win Calendar  Or Calendar Labs  to create your own custom calendars including uploading your own favorite picture. Itsy Bitsy  has a fun calendar for kids that lets them color something new every month.

itsy bitsy calendar     

You can also visit your favorite photo retailer like Shutterfly  to create a calendar full of your own special photos.

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