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Ride with confidence …

Vehicle owners are riding with more confidence these days thanks to devices that you can plug directly in to your vehicle that will inform you of any problem it’s having.

For instance, if the check engine light comes on, it let’s you know if it’s a major repair requiring a mechanic or just some small needed maintenance you can do yourself.

In addition, there are apps available that connect to the devices alerting you of any problems that may arise.

It also keeps track of your scheduled maintenance and sends you notifications for them.

Plenty of sites online allow you to ask a mechanic about the issue your vehicle is having and then give you tips on how to fix it or if you should visit a repair facility.

Keeping a good maintenance schedule and record is a great idea and plenty of places online will help like the Car Gurus who give you a guide to what and when maintenance should be done.

Wishing you safe cruising … “Into Tomorrow”

Written by Beth Gatrell

Beth Gatrell

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