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Veterans Day via Tech …

For almost 100 years we have been setting aside a special day to honor and celebrate the courageous men and women who have served and are currently serving our Country.

This Veteran’s Day whether you are a Vet or not you can use tech to learn, show your support and check out some cool appreciation. has a great site with information on Veterans Day that includes many things like how to “Take a Veteran to school” as well as teaching resources. provides lots of information for Veterans including lists of discounts and freebies like free meals, travel, recreation and more for the day of appreciation. Restaurant News has a detailed list of restaurants with their offerings for Veterans as well as Military Benefits.

There are many organizations to assist our Veterans and you can help by donating to any of them. Veterans Support Organization is a food bank for financially distressed or homeless veterans, Veterans Support Foundation helps with housing, financial and health needs and Supporting Our Veterans has a Facebook page with great information and posts on assisting Veterans.

   You can help with specific needs like those of the Paralyzed Veterans or the Wounded Warriors.    

Kids will benefit from Apples 4 the Teacher’s which offers many activities and learning tools for kids to understand and celebrate this honorable holiday. The Teacher’s Corner has some great ideas too.

“Into Tomorrow” supports, honors and celebrates our Friends who are Veterans and we can never say Thank You enough! Please help show your support!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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