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Weekend of April 12, 2024

Tech News and Commentary

Dave and Chris discuss collaborating on Instagram videos, social media use, Target’s subscription service, Tesla’s taxi, layoffs at BestBuy, and more.

Don in LaBelle, Florida asked: When I make a Live YouTube Short or live broadcast using my iPhone 7, it has a hissing sound along with my voice, but when I plug in a microphone into my iPhone it works perfectly. I can make regular videos and it works perfectly but when I make a live YouTube Short or live broadcast, the hissing sound is in the video. How can I get rid of that?

Don, In iOS 14, Apple added a feature to their voice recorder that allowed the user to automatically enhance the audio quality in part by removing hisses and other background noises.

Its possible that after several more iOS releases a version of that cleanup now just works in the background. By default Apples voice memos are stored compressed, with an option to store them in a lossless format, so we know theres some post processing being done.

That is to say, that what youre hearing in your voice memos may be a cleaned up version that Apple improved and there may still be a hardware issue at play here.

Unfortunately, if that is the case the solution is to either replace the port, the cables, or the microphone.

It may help you to test with another live streaming app or even just a phone call with the microphone plugged in to confirm, but your livestream may be showing you the imperfections that Apples recorder is smart enough to edit away.

The other option that you may have is to use the other audio input your iPhone 7 offers. You say that this happens when you plug in a microphone, a bluetooth microphone may get you around the issue if it is hardware related.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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