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Weekend of April 19, 2024

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Tech News and Commentary

Dave and Chris discuss TikTok paying users, password-sharing crackdown and cancellations at streaming services, the American Privacy Right Act, Honda’s newest feature for visually-impaired passengers , and more.

Ray in Niagara Falls, New York asked: “I’m trying to figure out a way I can hook an external speaker up to my TV for late night listening so I don’t crank up the volume and disturb anyone else. Looking to find an external speaker, preferably wireless, that I can put closer to where I’m sitting so I can hear the TV without cranking up the volume. Just can’t come up with anything. hopefully you guys can figure it out for me.”

Ray, your options will depend on your TV, so its hard to give you a definite solution.

For example, if your TV has built-in Bluetooth, then your best bet is probably just a regular Bluetooth speaker, or better yet, maybe Bluetooth earbuds or headphones to keep the sound truly isolated to just your own ears.

If your TV doesnt have built-in Bluetooth, you can look at wireless audio systems that plug into an aux port and beam the signal to a receiver using other radio waves. A company called Sereonic sells a set that they market specifically to people that want to watch TV without disturbing others, but there are many and theyre all more or less the same.

A good thing to keep in mind is that your TV may not be the only device involve here, if you use a streaming box like a Roku, or an Apple TV, they may be able to beat their own sound to your speakers via Bluetooth.

The same is true of other devices as well, so if your television is not the only device involved in your TV watching, theyre may be other options for you.

The other option youll likely have is wired audio, in that case youd just be looking at running a cord to your speaker. Thats way enough, but ya obviously not as convenient as the wireless options, if those are available to you.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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