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We’re Joined By Consumer Reports To Talk About Buying A Used Smartphone

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Consumer Reports joined Into Tomorrow this week to talk about buying a used smartphone:

Are you in the market for a smartphone but don’t necessarily need the absolute latest model? You might want to consider buying used. However there are pitfalls to be mindful of, so says Consumer Reports. Their electronics spokesman James McQueen is here with some advice.

You definitely want to check network compatibility. You can’t use all used smartphones with all of the cellular carriers. The big dividing line is between the CDMA networks used by Sprint and Verizon and the GSM networks used by AT&T and T-Mobile. As a rule, if you’re buying a used phone, plan to stick with the same type of network the phone started on.

Also, make sure it wasn’t reported stolen. Today’s smartphones have anti-theft features that can cause problems for someone buying a used smartphone, especially if the seller is a person rather than an established company.

On the iPhone, the feature is called Activation Lock. It lets a user “brick” the phone if it’s been lost or stolen. Android smartphone users have a theft-deterrent as well. It’s called Android Device Manager.

Make sure these tools are deactivated on any phone you’re thinking of purchasing. You can do that by going to a site called imeipro. All you’ll need is the IMEI number – every phone has a unique one.

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For Into Tomorrow, James McQueen – Consumer Reports

 Dave and Chris shared apps they’ve been playing with:

For our smart listeners with Android smartphones …. this is definitely something you should try. Camarada VR can link more than three phones and stack them together to capture panoramic or 360 degree videos and create a 3D video with your other friends. You can Download Camarada VR from Google Play and watch their video demo to learn more. And … it’s free!

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I like Wine. But I don’t know that much about wine. That’s where Vivino comes in. This free app allows you to take a picture of the label on a bottle of wine, it then searches and finds the info on that wine. It’ll bring up a Facebook-type profile page that will list reviews, the average price per bottle, comparisons of the available vintage years,  information on the winery, as well as recommended food pairings. There’s even links to online stores where you could purchase the wine. As you add more wines to your account, it will begin making recommendations of other wines you might like, based on the ratings you give your wines. There’s a search tab where you can give it the type of wine you are looking for and a price range, and it will make recommendations for you. The app is free, but if you want the premium features it’ll cost you $5 a month. You’ll get things like a personal buying guide, as well as expert ratings.

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