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Tech for Hearts

February is American Heart Month and you can get helpful tools and information to stay heart healthy by using your tech . 

There’s a ton of information online about heart disease and by heading to places like The American Heart Association, you can gather plenty of helpful information. You can find great tips on what you can do to prevent it, warning signs, blogs, research, videos and anything else related to the terrible disease including ways to donate. 

Fitness trackers are a perfect way to keep track of important heart health information. They will monitor your heart rate and alert you to significant changes that need attention. You can also sync the trackers with your friends and family for great things like sharing your progress and keeping each other motivated! 

No fitness tracker? No problem, smartphones are equipped with great tools to keep track of your heart health as well as many Apps available that will help with what you need to keep heart healthy.

While you’re downloading don’t forget our FREE Into Tomorrow App for stress free tech news and information.

Wishing all of our friends great heart health!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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