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Tech for Hearts

February is American Heart Month and by using your tech you can get all the helpful tools and information you need to stay heart healthy.

The American Heart Association is the best known site for looking up information on heart disease and they provide great tips on what you can do to prevent heart disease, warning signs, blogs, research, videos and anything else related to the terrible disease including ways to donate.

They even have special events that help kids learn about heart health like Jump Rope for Heart which is being done in many schools across the US.

Find all the help you need online to eat heart healthy with sites that will give you recipes as well as nutrition information on ways to cut things out of your diet that are bad for your heart.

If you’d like to check out some mobile help, there are many apps available to  download that will keep track of your heart health as well as fitness and diet habits with additional features like alerts for things that need your immediate attention

Wishing all of our friends great heart health …  “Into Tomorrow”

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Written by Beth Gatrell

Beth has been a multiple hat wearer at "Into Tomorrow" since the very beginning .... Currently specializing in guest relations and promotions. And wears an additional hat as a Mom of 2 beautiful girls.

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