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Celebrate Children’s Health With Your Tech!

October 2nd is a national day to recognize children’s health  and by heading online or visiting your favorite App store, you can gather great information to keep your kids healthy.

Kids Health offers an awesome site with tips and information for kids, teens and parents. For parents the site helps with information on everything from how to deal with infections and diseases to dealing with school and family life and talking to your kids about tough subjects, like sex, tobacco, and alcohol.  WebMD  is another great site to search for information on kids’ health issues including eating habits, growth stages and development. They both also offer great Free Apps you can download for on the go help.

Healthy Children wants to help keep your kids healthy in addition to providing an area to check symptoms, ask a doctor for basic health care information. You can even discover what types of children’s health issues may be being dealt with around the world by heading online to places like KidsHealth in New Zealand.   

   Different ways to keep track of all of your child’s medical needs and records are available and the Kids Wellness Tracker. The app offers tools to track Height, Weight, & BMI, Vaccines, medicines and symptoms as well as reports to create and keep to share with your child’s doctor and many other resources to help keep your child’s health in check.   

Many kids are in areas that have been recently affected by natural disasters and there are so many health issues that may arise from being in those areas. Check out the resources from Consumer Reports to find tips on keeping kids healthy after these disasters occur.

Wishing all of our young friends great health today and … “Into Tomorrow”    

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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