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Health Tech: Glucose Sensor Gets CE Mark

Many people with diabetes have to prick their fingers many times a day to track their blood glucose. But what if you could go six months without having to jab yourself?

For many diabetic patients, stabbing your finger for a drop of blood is a painful and inconvenient process that must be repeated many times a day. That’s why the wearable continuous glucose monitors are gaining popularity; they eliminate the dreaded finger stick. But these devices must be changed every two weeks, and they still require that a sensor be inserted through the skin. The Eversense E3 system takes a different approach. It relies on a tiny sensor the size of a grain of rice that is implanted under the skin. It requires no power; instead, it lights up in response to an external sensor worn on the skin. This provides continuous readings without requiring a hole in the skin. Best of all, the sensor has been approved for use up to six months at a time before it needs to be replaced. Overall, the process is less invasive and more convenient than other approaches. The system has FDA clearance and recently received the European CE Mark, making it widely available to diabetes patients.

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Written by Alfred Poor

Alfred Poor is an "Into Tomorrow" Contributing Correspondent, health tech speaker, writer and the founding Editor of Health Tech Insider: a website and industry newsletter that covers wearable and mobile technology for health and medical applications. With more than 2,400 articles published on the site, he has a broad perspective of where the global industry stands today and where it’s headed... Into Tomorrow.

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