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How Do QLED, XLED, ULED, and OLED TVs Compare?

Ken in North Miami, Florida asked us about buying a TV set

OLED TV© by Wikimedia Commons

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Ken asked: “I want to get a new TV and I’m looking at them and there’s LED, LCD, there’s an “X” there’s a “Q” there’s an “O”. How do I know which one I want? I want to get like a 75-inch TV. I sit about 20-25 feet from the TV and I have a big room for it. I don’t know what all the LEDs are.”


Ken, LED TVs are backlit, that means that there’s light coming from an array of LED lights behind the screen and it illuminates a whole LCD panel.

OLED is completely different in that every individual pixel provides its own light. That results in deep blacks, and the fewer components mean that the sets themselves are often very thin.

Both LED and OLED TVs can be 4K and HDR

Both LED and OLED TVs can be 4K and HDR, and both can put out great image quality.

That’s good news, because QLED, XLED, and ULED and made up marketing terms. That may not be totally fair because they each use their own technology to try to make the picture look better, but they are all LED backlit TVs.

QLED is a Samsung brand, XLED is a VIZIO brand, and ULED is Hisense brand, but they are all LED TVs. OLED is a different technology, not a brand name.

OLED will cost you a lot of money, a 77” Sony Magnolia OLED is listed at best buy for $13,000, meanwhile at the same store at 75” Sony Magnolia LED is listed for $2200.

If you don’t want something paper thin, you’ll probably be happy with an LED TV, whether they put a Q, a U, or an X in front of it, and it will cost you significantly less than an OLED set.

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Written by Dave Graveline

Dave Graveline is the founder, Host & Executive Producer of "Into Tomorrow" in addition to being President of the Advanced Media Network".

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