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Stay Safe With Your Tech

These days it’s hard for some to feel safe whether they are grown ups walking at night or a student in school navigating through mean kid threats.

With the help of technology there are a few things you can do to feel safer in your travels.

   Safety apps are available so you have help wherever you are right from your mobile device.   

With SOS Stay Safe App all you need to do is press the power button of your phone three times in succession and it will automatically send an emergency message to friends and family along with your location and device battery level.

Circle of 6 App allows you to choose up to 6 trusted contacts to alert in emergency situations. Features include sending an emergency message to your circle alerting them you need help, where your location is and more.

While you’re downloading Apps don’t forget our Free Into Tomorrow App!


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Written by Beth Gatrell

Beth has been a multiple hat wearer at "Into Tomorrow" since the very beginning .... Currently specializing in guest relations and promotions. And wears an additional hat as a Mom of 2 beautiful girls.

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