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Update on Dave & Chris

If you listened to the show last week, you may have noticed we were presenting a “best-of” edition of “Into Tomorrow.” The guys weren’t feeling too hot. Early in the week, after both Dave and Chris had been dealing with constant fevers, coughing and the general feeling of being run over by a truck, they decided to get tested for the virus that has seemingly taken over the world these days.

As they awaited the test results, Chris began to improve. as of Monday, he is back to limited remote work, though he is still nursing a bad cough. Dave, however, did not feel any better and called paramedics who transported him to a nearby hospital. There, he was re-tested for COVID-19 – a test that came back with a positive result. He was also found to be dealing with pneumonia.

While this is scary for Dave, as well as Chris, and the rest of the family, they are confident and have full faith in the medical staff taking care of him. Dave and Chris both wish to convey their heartfelt appreciation for the many phone calls, text messages, e-mails, Facebook messages, etc. that they have been receiving as they both recover from the effects of what Chris calls “The Rona.”

So while the guys may not make it back into the studio to bring you a brand-new “Into Tomorrow” program this week, we hope you will still tune-in as we bring you many “gems” you may not have heard the first time around.

And know that both Dave and Chris are anxious to get back into the studio and do the show they love – FOR YOU – every week!

Stay tuned… Into Tomorrow!

If you have not seen Dave’s Facebook post about his ordeal, you can check it out here.

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Posted by Dave Graveline on Sunday, July 26, 2020

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Written by Horacio Balseiro

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