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We Help A Listener Keep An Eye On Her Puppies

Denise in Carey, Mississippi listens on SuperTalk 97.3 and asked us about cameras to keep an eye on her puppies

IP Camera

Denise asked: “I have a kennel that I raise puppies in. It’s not attached to my home, it’s in the backyard – probably about 50 feet away from where the wi-fi is. Is there a camera system, like a baby monitor kindof thing that I could use to monitor my puppy nursery?”


Denise, you could use exactly a baby monitor if you wanted to, 50 feet is well within the range of WiFi and most proprietary video monitor connections, so that’s definitely an option you have.

Alternatively you can buy a WiFi camera, preferably one with infrared capabilities and use that instead.

Prices vary a great deal, you can buy cheap generic cameras for as little as $50, maybe even less if you look hard enough, and you can find brand name cameras like Nest’s own for around $200.

For your purposes, just about anything will do. You can even run a 50 foot line if you’d prefer to have a wired connection, 50 feet is not that far and the signal would get to you undisturbed.

You can probably afford to stick with a expensive camera since it will be going into the same environment that houses living puppies, if the place is safe for living animals, it’s probably safe for a camera that’s meant to be indoors.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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