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Weekend of July 15, 2022 – Hour 3

Airbnb Air Bnb Apartment  - InstagramFOTOGRAFIN / Pixabay© by InstagramFOTOGRAFIN

Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss Airbnb banning parties, super apps, Google and campaign emails, T-Mobile shutting down 4G and 3G networks, T-Mobile’s home internet expansion, TikTok concerns, and more.

Greg in Sydney, Montana listens to the Podcast and asked: “I have an older iPad Air and I usually use it daily for various tasks, such as surfing the web, checking email, watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts as well. Since Apple doesn’t find the need to send out software updates for the older Apple devices anymore, it’s apparent to me now that I will have to purchase a newer iPad. My first question is, is it really worth it for me to trade in my old iPad towards the purchase of a new one? Or would I be better off keeping it? I can’t decide on whether I should get the new iPad Air or the iPad Pro. What are the big differences that stand out between the two of them? If I decide to get the iPad pro, which size should I get? Also, my old iPad was Wi-Fi capable, but it did not have cellular service. I recently switched over to T-Mobile and I’ve been very happy with the service in my area so far. With the expansion of 5G in most areas now, should I get my new iPad with cellular capability? And if I do, does it have to be activated on the device right away, or can I choose not to activate the cellular service on it if I want to? Thanks for taking my call, Dave. Keep up the good work, guys.”

Greg, Apple is still updating iPads from 2014. That makes us wonder how old yours is that its not getting updates. Its a miracle that its still running in 2022 if its old enough to not be getting updates. For context, Google supports their devices for about 3 years.

If youre not getting security updates and youre doing anything that relies on private information (like banking, email, paying bills, online shopping), you should replace it because any vulnerabilities will not be patched.

Whether the current one is worth trading in or not will depend on the model, some will get you a decent discount, other wont. Considering the device is obsolete you probably shouldnt expect much more than $50 towards the other one, but what else are you going to do with it anyway? Might as well get the discount.

The iPad Pro comes with more storage and offers more RAM than the Air, but theyre not very different otherwise. The new Pro can also be bought in a 13 model, but unless youre doing work on your iPad that requires more RAM or a bigger screen, then its probably not worth spending more on it.

If you do end up getting the Pro and want to futureproof, the 13 inch model is current, the 11 in model is 2 generations behind it, which probably means its not going to be around much longer and it will likely be abandoned in favor of the one with the larger screen.

Whether or not to go with a cellular connection depends on your use. It will cost you more and there will be a small monthly cost from T-Mobile as well, and iPads can connect to a phones hotspot anyway, so unless you regularly use it outside (for example, if you work in the field) then its probably not worth it but it is completely down to your use case and what you need from you tablet. It does make sense for some people, but most only need WiFi.

If you do get one with a cellular connection, it doesnt have to be set up right away (or ever) you can use it as a WiFi only device, but youll still pay a premium when you buy it.

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