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Weekend of July 15, 2022 – Hour 2

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Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss removing yourself from a Twitter conversation, GameStop NFTs, Nikon leaving SLRs behind, Zuckerberg’s letter to Meta employees, Yelp closing it’s offices, YouTubeTV’s growth, the death of Hangouts, billionaires losing money, Whole Foods and cashierless transactions, and more.

Rich in Purcellville, Virginia – participated with the AskDave Microphone on our site”Have a question for you. Actually, two questions for you about NFTs or “Nonfungible transforms”. The first question is, did anyone ever use the word fungible in a sentence before NFTs came along? And the second is, what’s the point? I kind of understand what they are and how to get one, but I don’t understand why NFTs exist. Seems like, yeah, you can have artwork in an NFT but you can’t hang it on a wall or anything. You can’t look at it. I just don’t get the point. So if you could clear that up for me, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.”

Rich, theres no point. Its basically just a scam at this point.

The theory is that as an artist you could sell your original work, verify that sale, and there would be a clear chain of ownership.

The reality is that your meme is not worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that the chain of ownership isnt unique. You could sell the same piece of art on 4 different blockchains and they would all just essentially provide the new owner with a link to the same image.

That ownership is also only valid as long as the blockchain is alive, and theyve proven far less reliable than advertised with several cryptocurrencies folding and disappearing overnight.

The main point of NFTs right now is to provide a vehicle for money laundering. You can set any price for an item that objectively may cost $0, transfer ownership of those funds and have a way to justify the transaction, but in reality NFT dont provide any real value to the world right now.

NFTs are the digital version of a banana taped to a wall selling for $120,000.

Mo in Tyler, Texas listens on KTBB and asked: “What is the best way to get the local channels on our TV? I have purchased the high-definition antenna and I never got it to work. So what’s the best way – or the best equipment I can use – to get the local channels?”

Mo, you just need an antenna and it doesnt have to claim high definition, thats just a sales gimmick, any antenna will do.

If youre not getting your local channels with the current one, you may just be too far away from the source. The only real solution to that is to get a bigger, taller antenna and see if that helps with your problem.

An antenna on your roof will do better than an antenna indoors, but ultimately the range of any local station that doesnt have a repeater set up on top of a mountain or a skyscraper is in the range of 10s of miles. Once you get past 60 or 70 miles the curvature of the planet will make it impossible for the signals to reach you.

If thats the case youre stuck with cable or live TV streaming which is basically the same price as cable.

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