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We’re Joined By Consumer Reports To Talk About Getting A Deal On A 4K Set

4K Curved TV

Consumer Reports joined Into Tomorrow this week to talk about getting a deal on a 4k set:

While Black Friday and the Super Bowl are great times to get deals on a new TV, savvy shoppers know that we see some of the lowest prices in late February to mid-March, when manufacturers and retailers start to sell off last year’s models to make way for newer sets, so says Consumer Reports. Their electronics spokesman James McQueen is here to talk about some of the best deals on leftover big screen 4K sets.

The Samsung UN65KU630D is a mid-tier 65-inch 4K UHD set that’s sold mainly in warehouse clubs. Though it was selling for about $1,150 just a few weeks ago, it’s now just $650 at Costco—that’s a drop of almost 45 percent. This set, a flat-screen LED LCD-based model, delivers excellent UHD and high-definition picture quality. Its remote can control almost any other device in your system, including a cable/satellite box, that’s plugged into one of the set’s HDMI inputs.

The 65-inch Vizio E65u-DD3 4K set, in its entry-level SmartCast series for 2016, delivers excellent high-definition picture quality and very good motion-blur performance. Even better, its price has dropped from about $850 a few weeks ago to around $530 at some retailers, including HHGregg. The TV has a few unique features. For one, there’s no built-in TV tuner for over-the-air broadcasts. Also, its “SmartCast” smart TV platform works a lot like Google Chromecast, in that much of the interaction is done using apps on a phone or tablet.

Here’s a shopping tip: If you are thinking of buying a new set, try to get a 30-day price-match guarantee from the retailer.

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For Into Tomorrow, James McQueen – Consumer Reports

 Chris shared an app he’s been playing with:

Ever wanted to watch JELL-O dance? Well, I thought I didn’t either. Until I downloaded JELL-O Jiggle-It. The app is simple. You choose your flavor of JELL-O, pick some songs from your iPhone’s playlist, or have it listen via the phone’s microphone. The app apparently analyzes the song’s BPM and the big cube of JELL-O starts to groove. Apparently, though, JELL-O isn’t a big Elvis fan. The first song I tried was Jailhouse Rock, and after a few seconds, the JELL-O jiggled its way off the screen and a message popped up saying “Looks like the JELL-O cube wasn’t feeling this song. Pick another to keep jiggling.” JELL-O Jiggle-It is free in the iTunes App Store.

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