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Winter Weather

During the crazy winter months, you need to know if it’s a snow jacket or hoodie kind of day. Some may need to know what the weather will be like where they are traveling.

By using your favorite online device all of those questions, and more, can be answered.

Plenty of online sites and apps are available with forecasts as well as other great information including snow reports, severe weather alerts, travel forecasts, news, photos and anything else you can think of pertaining to the weather.

   The National Weather Service lists active alerts across the nation in addition to past weather, safety tips and other important weather information   

Most smartphones come with a weather app that will find your current location and give you details for that area in addition to allowing you to look up other destinations. Included in the various apps available to give you the information you need on the weather, lots are getting  a kick out of the humorous What the Weather app which gives you a comedic outlook on your weather.

Hoping all of our Friends are staying warm and cozy during these winter months and while you’re stuck inside, be sure to visit us … Into Tomorrow and participate to win prizes.


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Written by Beth Gatrell

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