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18 Years, still … We Will Never Forget

September 11th marks a day in US history many can never forget. The September 11th attacks came without warning and took many with them leaving families forever broken. 

For some they aren’t aware of exactly what happened that day however with technology available at your fingertips, all the information you need to know can be found in various online places.

Many informative sites are available with information on the tragic day that include videos and pictures to help you learn what the day consisted of. 

There is a special 9/11 Digital Archive which houses images from that day and the days after where people stood together in mourning, protests, recovery and more. 

Many are honored to have the chance to visit and pay their respects at the various sites of the tragic day. If you’re not able to pay your respects in person, you can visit them online and share virtually. 

9/11 is a good day to remember and thank First Responders for their sacrifice on that day as well as the sacrifices and selflessness they give every day. Look up your local police or fire department and stop by to say thank you. 

You can also head online and join the movement to create a National Holiday to say Thank You to our First Responders. 

And let’s not forget the ones sacrificing their time away from families especially the ones that never come back, send our Military A Million Thanks!

God Bless America today and …”Into Tomorrow”!

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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